May 14, 2019
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Clocktower Realty Shockoe
1709 East Franklin Street Richmond VA 23224

Discover the Love Languages in Your Hands
Heart Line Archetypes
Featuring Elaine Callahan, True You Brand Alchemy
1709 East Franklin Street Richmond Virginia 23224


Did you know that your love language(s) — how you express your feelings, how you express love and affection, and how you want love and affection expressed back to you — can be found in your hands, literally?

Elaine Callahan of True You Brand Alchemy introduces us to the assessment tool, Scientific Hand Analysis, and educates us about heart line styles. You’ll learn all about the different love language styles such as: passionate, big heart, hermit, and romantic idealist. Find out your love language style(s) in your hands.

Each guest will receive a scientific hand analysis, and a 8-minute recorded reading and light refreshments

Hand session is amazing and tells people their innate life purpose, special gifts and talents, blind spots and challenges, and so  much more.

And, it’s shockingly accurate!


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